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From every angle, we believe the grocery business has the ability to build neighborhood wealth and empower small businesses, in additional to creating nutritional autonomy through diversified local inventory sources.


That's why we take the time to become partners in uplifting our neighborhood businesses and makers first. As a bonus, customers get to try all kinds of new foods that honor the heritage of our community, and taste delicious.

What does that look like? Read on...

Fresh Bread
Image by Dstudio Bcn
Image by Kelly Sikkema
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Grocery entrepreneurs who partner with Your Store of the Queen City connect monthly with additional artists and makers to compose the Collective Good[s] Committee--a leadership group that is dedicated to the shared vision, decision-making, and peer-supported success of each of our community businesses, makers, and entrepreneurs.

When business owners network together for the community, they become a powerful force of knowledge and inspiration; driving growth, celebrating each other, and developing more retail options for every neighbor in our area.


Maybe it's putting together a budget, identifying steps for food safety certification, label and business card templates, setting up online sales, seeking loans or grants, or just making connections; we offer little bit of everything our small business partners request, to take the next steps towards their dreams.

As Your Store of the Queen City grows, we are also able to network small businesses with resources such as the Neighborhood Alliance of Businesses and Economic Communities Development for deeper levels of support and capital.


Your Store of the Queen City sees the process of building fresh food through the lens of our neighborhood systems. That means we not only support small, resident, woman, and minority owned businesses through our own initiatives; but also in opportunities connected to community meetings and events.

Reba Hennessey, President of Your Store of the Queen City also helped found the Small Business Committee of the Lower Price Hill Neighborhood Alliance of Businesses; to connect entrepreneurs in with the opportunities offered by the larger business community as a whole.

Meet the Grocery Entrepreneurs

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Tessa's Kitchen

Tessa creates mindful treats made with ingredients that are kind to your body and the earth, but still indulgent.

Living and working in Lower Price Hill, she developed deep relationships through eating and cooking meals together. She is passionate about making fresh, nourishing, and delicious food accessible to everyone because she has seen its power in community and family.


B. Younique Soulistic Healing

Julia is a proud mama, Artist-in-Residence with The Collective of Lower Price Hill Artists + Makers. and long-time entrepreneur who believes in the power of YOU.


Her self-care products include balms, salves, and more; all designed as soul-power tools so that you can be you, be true, be YOUnique as you fulfill your life journey.


Williemeania's Treats

Ms. Marisha is a chef of soul food that sticks to your stomach, now putting in desserts for your enjoyment.

She lives on Church Street in Lower Price Hill, serves as a Director on the board of Community Matters, and is a member of the Neighborhood Action Team and Alliance of Businesses. When she cooks, she listens to old school music and loves to give extras to kids in her family, and her neighbors.



Melissa Baker grew up in Lower Price Hill, along with several generations of her family; now lives on State Avenue. and has many children, grandchildren, and pets.


She is a member of the Neighborhood Action Team and the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition. Her products are all-natural, hand made, 100% cotton crocheted face, cleaning, and decorative cloths, using traditional skills that have been celebrated for ages. 


Incline District Community Marketplace, LLC

Tameca is a recent transplant to Lower Price Hill and a long-time veteran of the food business, offering catering as well as individual dessert and snack sales through her business.

A savvy, business-minded mom; she's a member of the Neighborhood Action Team who's passionate about empowering youth. She works from morning until night, and then spends all the rest of her hours growing her business to its next levels.  

Growing Tomato Plants

AND WE're not
finished yet

A future goal will be exploring how we can plant the seeds for stronger local food systems by working with other neighborhoods' community food initiatives.


One example might be helping another grocery expand its affordable fresh food options. Another may be empowering neighborhood gardeners to become properly certified to sell through Meiser's Fresh Grocery & Deli--building community wealth and health through food.

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